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Pets are the real companion of human. They are the most dear to us we really love & can show our affection, we give special care and attention to them. We feel happy when they are happy .We love to play & get attracted towards them. They can not speak but still we understand what they try to express. If we really love our pet then we must feed them with the natural supplements produced by AMORVET. We specially produced Herbal Probiotics, vitamins & Trace Mineral & other Feed Supplements for our pets. Our products will fulfill your pet demand and will meet your satisfaction.

The Pet food supplement as well as Pet external preparations is natural and safe.We deal in Petcare brand products, pet dog and cat supplements, dog shampoo, anti-tick and flea protectant products for pets in India with best prices. With environment change, infections and some age factor lead to a possible risk of your fluffy-fluffy pets health. We are introducing you with our Products for different purposes and condition to support 3S STRONG, SMART AND SHINY

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