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CALCIUM - Pet Tablet

CALCIUM Pet tablet enriched with Essential minerals and Vitamins helps in iron out health abnormalities and maintains growth and structure of Pet body. It helps in immunizing your pet health with Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin A, D3 and B12 food supplement. It helps in enhancing food absorption, stimulates appetite, improves and fulfill essential nutrient, maintains strength and energy level.

ALFAIMMUNE - Pet tablet

Alfaimmune Pet tablet is specially melded with potent herbs which triggers body immunity and growth that improves pet health. It works as herbal immune- modulator, stimulate proper development and functioning of body cells, enhance resistance against infections and stress and support proper growth.

DermiGlow - Pet Tablet

DermiGlow Pet Tablet natural herbal blood purifier which eliminates toxinskeeps skin fresh and glowing. Herbal preparation helps to protect from risk of microbial infections, allergy and itching and provide your pet healthy, radiant and glowing body coat.

JOINT CARE - Pet Tablet

JOINT CARE Pet Tablet protects pets from painful & inflamed bones and joints and flourishes pet growth. Herbal Nutrition to guard Pets from joints abnormalities and maintain their body strength, enhance rejuvenation process and performance.

WORM HERB - Pet Tablet

WORM HERB Pet Tablet to save your pets from ringworm infestations. Effectively supports healthy intestinal function, maintain gut motility, and improves digestion and appetite and support to maintaining body weight, quality and performance.

OMEGA 3, 6 + E - Pet tablet

OMEGA 3, 6 + E Pet Tablet enriched with essential fatty acids and nutrients to improve Pets health and immunity. It helps to reduce inflammation and pain, protect from risk of joints and arthritic pain, improves immunity to fight against infections, provides healthy skin and radiant coat, good for proper functioning of lier and kidney, alleviate mood and provide strength and vigour.

Anti-Lick - Pet Tablet

Anti-Lick Pet Tablet protects Pet from bacterial infections and keeps them healthy. It aid in preventing flea infestations and protects licking in pets, support early wound healing, enhances strength and resistance to bacterial infestations, prevent reproduction of licks and worms, enhances appetite and FCR, improves productivity and performance.

Diarrosan - Pet Tablet

Diarrosan Pet Tablet is a herbal mix and keeps pet active and healthy living every day. It aids as Herbal preparation for Acute Diarrhoea and Dysentery, maintains normal gut motility, protect from dehydration, helps in retention of required salt water level, support growth of gut microflora, helps in expulsion of toxins and provide fit and healthy life.

LIVER AMINO - Pet Syrup/Tablet

LIVER AMINO Pet SYRUP/ Tablet is a Complete Premix to Fulfill the Vitamins and Amino Acids Requirements in Pets. Mixture of Multi Vitamins and Amino Acids alongwith MHA fulfills protein formation, provides nourishment to growing bones and muscles, enhances body strength, support proper growth and development, improves cellular growth and metabolism, increases efficiency of diet and maintains nutritional value.

FERTIGROW - Pet Tablet

FERTIGROW Pet Tablet naturally increases pet fertility and helps in maintaining optimum functioning of hormonal system. This tablet promotes normal mineral utilization, improves sexual health, acts as rejuvenator, improves stamina, vigor and vitality, supports metabolism, efficient detoxifier, promotes optimal oxygenation and brings about balanced nutritious and harmonious health.


DEWORMER ALLO Pet Tablet most effective dewormer to keep parasites away in cats and dogs and provide a calm lifestyle. It aid to protect overall body system from risk of worm infestation, prevent reproduction of worms, helps to rid toxins, protect from stress, improves appetite and energy level, enhances nutrient absorbtion and enhances body energy level.

HAEMOFED - Pet Tablet

HAEMOFED Pet Tablet "the complete toning formula" enhances blood production the natural way. It aid as immunomodulator, maintain iron and oxygen level, enhances new cells production, helps to scavenge dead cells and toxins, immunise body respiratory, circulatory and metabolism system, improves energy level, protect from early death and works as efficient blood purifier.