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HAEMOFED Pet Syrup "the complete toning formula" enhances blood production the natural way. This is easy to intake helps in improving immunity and energy, enhances body resistance against stress, support new cells formation, enhances body oxygen level, aid as potent detoxifier, protect from premature aging and early death, keeps pet active, strong and alert.

Tickless - Pet Shampoo

Tickless Pet Shampoo destined to remove ticks and fleas and give excellent lusture and glare to hair. Elite Body wash for Ticks free skin, provide a herbal application to support healthy and ticks free body coat, helps in removing sebum plugs, enhances radiant and glossy hair growth, keep free from itching, allergy and parasitic attacks and enhances pet shelf life.

Fly Repellant - Pet Spray

Fly Repellant Pet Spray natural anti-ecto parasites spray to deter fleas, mites to upkeep pet health. This Herbal Fly Repellent spray keep flies off from Pets body, helps in early wound healing, prevent parasitic infections, keep body coat and hair free from risk of infections and provide a healthy coat to your pets.

Anti – Bact - Pet Shampoo

Anti – Bact Pet Shampoo contains blend of Natural Antibacterial and Antifungal herbs to protect your pets from bacterial infections. Itpromote scavenging of dead cells, keeps free from unwanted infestation of ticks, fleas and mites, helps in wound management, support advanced growth of radiant hair and skin cells and maintains a fit lifestyle of your pet.

HAIR LOSS - Pet Shampoo

HAIR LOSS Pet Shampoo is specially formulated with herbal extracts that helps to reduce hair fall and provide nourishments to hair shaft. Fortified with herbal ingredients to support and strengthen Pet Fur, protect from baldness, provide healthy and soft hair growth, keeps hair follicles moisturized and prevent formation of sebum plugs, efficiently helpful in providing growth of thick and shiny hair.

D - TANG - Pet Cream

Pet always experienced the pain & frustration of trying to comb our snarls. D-Tang cream helps to smooth away the hair & helps to open the knots.

Anti-Lick - Pet Tablet

Anti-Lick Pet Tablet protects Pet from bacterial infections and keeps them healthy. It aid in preventing flea infestations and protects licking in pets, support early wound healing, enhances strength and resistance to bacterial infestations, prevent reproduction of licks and worms, enhances appetite and FCR, improves productivity and performance.

Constican - Pet Tablet

Constican Pet Tablet dietary fiber concocts to make pet free from constipation and uncomfortable living. Valuable Herbal mix to relieve constipation naturally, ease bowel movement, provide gentle cleansing to GIT, prevent formation of hard stools, herbal appetite stimulant and support proper digestion, strengthen liver function, support balanced formation of stomach acids and keeps pet active and alert.

Diarrosan - Pet Tablet

Diarrosan Pet Tablet is a herbal mix and keeps pet active and healthy living every day. It aids as Herbal preparation for Acute Diarrhoea and Dysentery, maintains normal gut motility, protect from dehydration, helps in retention of required salt water level, support growth of gut microflora, helps in expulsion of toxins and provide fit and healthy life.