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LIVAMINO - Pet Syrup

LIVAMINO Pet Syrup is a herbal preparation contains selected hepatoprotective and appetite stimulating herbs. It helps in strengthening liver muscles, support liver functioning, stimulate bile acid secretion, support proper digestion, improves appetite, maintains gut functioning, provides healthy mood and maintain activeness and alertness

HAEMOFED - Pet Tablet

HAEMOFED Pet Tablet "the complete toning formula" enhances blood production the natural way. It aid as immunomodulator, maintain iron and oxygen level, enhances new cells production, helps to scavenge dead cells and toxins, immunise body respiratory, circulatory and metabolism system, improves energy level, protect from early death and works as efficient blood purifier.

ALFAIMMUNE - Pet tablet

Alfaimmune Pet tablet is specially melded with potent herbs which triggers body immunity and growth that improves pet health. It works as herbal immune- modulator, stimulate proper development and functioning of body cells, enhance resistance against infections and stress and support proper growth.


Vitamin AD3E & C for proper growth & release stress.

Veg Dry Snacks

Made up of dried crispy vegetables to provide anti-oxidants & natural fibres.

FAT Candy

The fat derived from Milk. Pets love to have it and it supports fat requirement.


Available in following Varients:
a). ECONOMY RANGE for Dogs.
b). PREMIUM RANGE for Dogs.

Meat Sprinkle

Flavouring agent which can increase the temptation of pets toward any meal.

Pet Cerelac

Complete pet food which include multi-grain and dried milk.