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Fly Repellant - Pet Spray

Fly Repellant Pet Spray natural anti-ecto parasites spray to deter fleas, mites to upkeep pet health. This Herbal Fly Repellent spray keep flies off from Pets body, helps in early wound healing, prevent parasitic infections, keep body coat and hair free from risk of infections and provide a healthy coat to your pets.

Alpha C - PetLiq

Alpha C Pet Liquid blend of natural Vitamin C and bioflavonoids keeps pet immunized and stress free. Herbal Antioxidant, Antiviral, Antitoxin and Antihistamine and it helps in flushing out oxygen free radicals, support new cell formation, enhances activity and strength, protect from early aging and death, supports metabolism process and helps in maintain strength and immunity.


FERTIGROW Pet Syrup fertility enhancing herbal syrup added with Zinc, Copper, and Cobalt etc. to boost fertility in pets. It aid as natural Female Reproductive performance enhancer, improves fertility, support healthy and higher productivity, keeps free from stress, enhances body resistance to changes and infections, improves immunity and support general health of pet.

PREGAFIT - Pet Syrup

PREGAFIT Pet Syrup act as an aid to support fetus health and new organ formation in nursing pets. A complete nutrition for healthy fetus formation, provide immunity to both lactating mother and growing fetus, provide nourishment, maintain energy level, support healthy cell formation and provide overall wellness.


ALOE+ARN Pet Shampoo is anherbal shampoo for Dogs & other pets. It makes the animal fur to glow and looks very beautiful. It is the combination of rare herbs which are meant especially for the growth and strength of Hairs of your pet, protect from hair fall, keeps body coat soft and glossy.


Nutritious Food Mix to Keep Your Pet Active, Alert and Strong. COMPLETE FOOD GRANULES enriched with Essential Growth Supporting Nutrients helps in maintaining energy level, good for growing pets and lactating mothers, improves resistance against infections, fulfills daily requirement of essentials mineral, vitamins, carbohydrates and fats, improves immunity and support pet growth and performance.

LIVER AMINO - Pet Syrup/Tablet

LIVER AMINO Pet SYRUP/ Tablet is a Complete Premix to Fulfill the Vitamins and Amino Acids Requirements in Pets. Mixture of Multi Vitamins and Amino Acids alongwith MHA fulfills protein formation, provides nourishment to growing bones and muscles, enhances body strength, support proper growth and development, improves cellular growth and metabolism, increases efficiency of diet and maintains nutritional value.

VIT FE FORTE - Pet Syrup

VIT FE FORTE Pet Syrup provides optimal nutrition and healthy immune system to pet. Iron vitamin rich pet syrup helps in formation of new blood cells, improves oxygen level, support optimum cellular growth, protect from health diseased risk, fulfill nutritional requirement, protect from illness and maintain healthy body system.

CALCIUM - Pet Syrup

CALCIUM Pet Syrup supplemented to pet food to support healthy bones and teeth. Calcium rich energizing syrup supports proper skeletal and muscular development, maintain body requirement of calcium, nourishes strength, improves food intake and FCR, improves immunity and resistance to stress and infections, and keeps pet active and strong.