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Research Activities of Arosol

Arosol aims to offer pet products with the quality that is now achievable using modern analytical and biological methods. The Herbal Drug Research unit focuses on developing standardized, clinically proven and safe herbal products for therapeutic and supplemental use.

Arosol has dedicated scientists with expertise in botany, pharmacognosy, phytochemistry, analytics and pharmacology, as well as consultants having a long association with the herbal drug industry. The experience in natural products research and the use of modern analytical instruments and spectroscopic tools will ensure that Arosol's products are standardized with reference to markers or standard active molecules. Procuring authentic plant material, pharmacological evaluation in laboratory models, formulation development and modern clinical trials is be an integral part of the herbal product development activities.

Currently Arosol has programmes in the fields of immunomodulation, dermatological disorders (particularly wound therapy & eczema), hepatotoxicity, gastrointestinal disorders, cold and cough as well as Hypogalactia. It plans to enter the areas of allopathic range especially in dewormers & antibiotics in the near future.

Arosol is engaged its efforts in Research & Development activities and now the group is expertise in Medicinal Herbs - identifying, growing, formulating new herbs, new formulas, and new applications. We are already manufacturing and marketing more than 50 unique formulations. Continuous research has helped in developing many innovative products especially in those therapeutic segments where modern or English system of medicine does not provide satisfactory solutions and similarly not much has been offered, so far, by alternative systems of medicine. A dynamic and learned team of scientists includes Pharmacists, Chemists, Botanists, Microbiologists, Pharmacologists, Medical Scientists, Veterinarians and Clinicians etc., in different departments such as Pharmacology, Formulation, Phytochemistry, Microbiology, Quality Control, Literature Survey, Universities, Animal House and Experimental Farms conduct various research and developmental activities